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Fermented Foods Workshop


@ Passiflora, 3 Cross Street, Seaton

Tuesday 10th December 6.30pm – 9pm


with Registered Nutritionist

Helen Ross MBANT


We will be learning the benefits to health when regularly including fermented foods and drinks in the diet.


The fermentation of food and beverages has been used by many traditional cultures for hundreds or thousands of years as a way to promote good health and to preserve food. Modern food production methods such as refrigeration, pasteurisation, and canning have caused a decline in fermented and probiotic-rich foods in our diet, and recent research shows us that the gut microbiome may be supported, by including fermented foods in our diet.


The microbiome is a diverse community of good bacteria inhabiting our intestines, absolutely necessary for our good health.


In this workshop we will be making sauerkraut and kimchi, and Helen will give a demonstration of how to make coconut milk kefir.


Cost: £35


For bookings please ring Helen on 07704093016

Or email

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