The Well Life Lab is a nutrition clinic run by Helen Ross, a degree qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist and health coach. She is dedicated to providing her clients with a high quality service in order to help them to achieve their optimal health and wellness goals. This will be achieved through careful analysis of current diet and lifestyle habits, and using individualised dietary recommendations, nutritional and botanical interventions, and functional laboratory testing when required.

(*Functional laboratory testing incurs extra costs and is entirely optional, however, these tests can help us to find out exactly how the body is functioning). 

Helen has a special interest in digestive disorders, detoxification, and dietary education. She uses a Functional Medicine approach, which improves patient outcomes across a wide range of chronic health conditions. Functional medicine principles understand that each human being is biochemically individual, based on their genetic blueprint and environmental uniqueness. 

Helen gained her BSc (Hons) Nutritional Science from the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) in the UK, endorsed by Middlesex University. She is a registered member of the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT), and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). Helen continues to further her education through specialist continued professional development (CPD) training. 


She completed a certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which she uses for coaching and change management for personal development and achievement of health goals. 


Helen has a lifelong love of healthy food and firmly believes that food really is our medicine. As a registered nutritionist, Helen offers cooking classes and regularly cooks for retreats. 



"After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and low iron levels, a friend recommended I saw Helen. She was sympathetic, caring and very professional. She gave me confidence and guided me through the best options for me. I am now free from pre-diabetes and my iron levels have improved and are back to normal. 

I am better physically and mentally - due to Helen's guidance and encouragement. I also enjoyed some weekly cooking sessions."

- P. F. , Dorset

"I visited Helen Ross various times over 2017 to address a worsening of symptoms of a mysterious illness that has been troubling me for many years, since the birth of my son. Doctors have never been able to find anything wrong with me apart from celiac disease although I felt very ill at times to the point of being unable to work and unable to participate in many of life's activities. 


Helen took an extensive history of my health and life style and arranged for me to have a whole array of laboratory tests so that we could see what was really going on. After many years of being pushed out of doctors offices with " there is nothing wrong with you"!  It was so good to be listened to and actually heard for the first time. Not to mention get answers. 


A DNA test showed that I have some genetic variances which have contributed towards my poor health, and are pretty easily corrected using the right B vitamins. Taking those was a turning point for me.  The other test results helped Helen to put together a tailor made intervention plan, which included adjusting my diet and with lots of invaluable guidance and supplements, she has managed to get me on to the road to recovery.  I am still following the protocol so hope to feel even better soon. I will continue to consult with Helen until I am better.


Her intuition and knowledge of her field of expertise has been a real life saver for me and what she has pieced together like a jig saw puzzle, in short, a private detective would be impressed with!

For once in my life I actually know what is going on in my body and I feel I am in safe hands. That is very empowering. 

My children will be consulting with her this year and my sister is already booked in for a consultation. Highly recommend." 

- Alison, UK

"We hugely enjoyed the programme. And are going to keep on the prog for the foreseeable future!"

- (on the 21-Day Cleanse Programme). I’m so grateful for all the work and care you put into this programme - and for the lovely things you organise on your Well Life Lab courses! 👏X

- B. T. , Dorset

"Many times I'd decided my personal health needed improving but just didn't have the impetus to make the changes needed. Then I went to one of Helen's talks. Her knowledge and ability to convey real truths about lifestyle choices impressed and inspired me. The changes made to my diet have ensured a more positive approach to my food choices, more energy, improved sleep patterns and even a greater sense of calm in my life."     


 - M. Dorset



"Yesterday I went on a retreat day with the well life lab. We did yoga, tai chi and learnt about the benefits of good nutrition. Helen prepared a delicious lunch and shared recipes. It was such a wholesome day! Last night I slept like a dream and woke up inspired to make some of the recipes. After a few hours in the kitchen I have whipped up some raw chocolates, high protein low carb bread. Miso salad dressing and almond milk ready to make my autumn smoothie to take to work tomorrow. Thanks Helen and your team for creating such a special day x "   


- Emily


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